Research Assistant Professor, University of Utah, 2013-present
Department of Biochemistry

Lecturer in Molecular Visualization, Harvard Medical School, 2008-2012
Department of Cell Biology

Postdoctoral Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School and Museum of Science, Boston, 2006-2008
Advisor: Jack W. Szostak


Ph.D. in Cell Biology, 2006
University of California, San Francisco
Advisor: R. Dyche Mullins

B.A. in Biology with Honors, 1999
Williams College
Advisor: Rob Savage
magna cum laude with double major in Asian Studies

Honors and Awards

:: TED Senior Fellow. 2017.
:: Entrepreneurial Faculty Scholar. University of Utah, 2016.
:: Leading Global Thinkers of 2014, Foreign Policy Magazine. Innovators category.
:: FASEB BioArt Winner. 2014.
:: TED Fellow. 2014.
:: 100 Most Creative People, Fast Company Magazine. 2012.
:: Honorable Mention, AAAS International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge. 2008.
:: NSF Discovery Corps Postdoctoral Fellowship. 2006-2008.
:: NSF Graduate Fellowship. 1999-2004.

Professional Activities

:: Council Member. American Society for Cell Biology, 2018-2021.
:: Panel Reviewer. NSF, 2017.
:: Public Information Committee (PIC) Member. American Society for Cell Biology, 2017-2020.
:: Workshop Participant, NSF Ideas Lab: Origins of Life. 2016.
:: Workshop Organizer, Visualizing & Modeling Cell Biology. Quantitative Cell Biology Network. Salt Lake City, 2016
:: Advisory Team Member, NIH 3D Print Exchange. 2013.
:: Workshop Participant, Emergining Intersection between the Physical Sciences and Oncology. Banbury Center, Cold Spring Harbor, 2013.
:: Co-chair, Working Group: Visualizing Biological Models and Information. Annual Meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology, 2012.
:: Session Leader, Gordon Research Conference on Visualization in Science and Education. 2010.
:: Workshop Participant, NSF Ideas Lab: Innovations in Biological Imaging and Visualization. 2010.
:: Co-chair, Special Interest Subgroup: Exploring Cell Biology at the Frontier of 3D Visualization. Annual Meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology, 2009.


:: Molecular Flipbook Workshop. 2014 ASCB Annual Meeting and 2014 ASBMB Annual Meeting.
:: 3D Animation Workshop. 2014, Evora, Portugal. Organized and led a 1-week intensive course on scientific animation.
:: Visualizing Molecular and Cellular Processes with 3D Animation. 2010, Porto, Portugal. Organized and led a 1-week intensive course on scientific animation.
:: Exploring Life’s Origins. 2008, Museum of Science, Boston. Gave a series of presentations on the origins of life as part of an exhibit to the public.
:: Visualizing Molecular Processes with Maya. 2007, Harvard Medical School. As a teaching assistant, wrote tutorials and supervised student projects.
:: Teaching Volunteer. 2001-2003, UCSF Science & Health Education Partnership. Taught in the “City Science” program and at an after-school science club.
:: Guest Lectures
:::: Structural Methods, University of Utah, 2015.
:::: Visualization (CS5630), University of Utah. 2013-2014.
:::: Design Studies (CS7960), University of Utah. 2013.
:::: Visualization (CS171), Harvard University. 2008-2012.
:::: Communication in Experimental Biology (7.19), MIT, 2011-2012.
:::: Visualization for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (SP736), MIT, 2011.
:::: Foundations in Visualization (COMP0150CC), Tufts, 2008.


:: Co-Investigator, Center for the Structural Biology of Cellular Host Elements in Egress, Trafficking, and Assembly of HIV (CHEETAH). 2017-2022 (NIH/NIGMS).
:: Co-Investigator, The Emergence of Evolvable Surface-Associated Interacting Molecular Assemblies. 2017-2020 (NASA).
:: Principal Investigator, Quorum: An Open Platform for Crowdsourcing Visual Data Analysis. 2016-2018 (NCI/NIH).
:: Principal Investigator, Visualizing the HIV Lifecycle. 2013-2017 (NIGMS/NIH).
:: Principal Investigator, ABI Innovation: Building and Sharing Molecular Visualizations with Molecular Viewbook. 2011-2014 (NSF).
:: Co-Investigator, The Cell: An Image Library. 2009-2016 (NIGMS/NIH).
:: Principal Investigator, Discovery Corps Postdoctoral Fellowship: Visualizing the Chemical Origins of Life for Research and Education. 2006-2009 (NSF).


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