Communicating Science through Visual Media

2017 ASCB Annual Meeting | Philadelphia Convention Center
Sunday, December 3 | Room 122A | 11:00am - 12:00pm

Organized by Janet Iwasa (University of Utah) and Sarah Goodwin (iBiology)

In cell biology and other basic research fields, researchers have become increasingly interested in thinking about ways to share their research findings more broadly. Use of visual media, such as film, illustration, and animation are widely considered to be some of the most impactful means to communicate science to different audiences. This session will feature short talks from a panel of individuals who are involved in different aspects of science communication. This will be followed by a discussion that will address practical issues, such as funding opportunities for communication projects, how to get more involved in science communication, and how to evaluate effectiveness.

Janet Iwasa
Research Assistant Professor, University of Utah

"Molecular Animation in Research and Outreach"

Shannon Behrman
Associate Director, iBiology

"Using Documentary-style Videos to Convey Complex Topics in Science and Scientific Training"

Joseph Cappella
Gerald R. Miller Professor of Communication, UPenn

"Effective Communication of Scientific Information"

Jennifer Frazier
Staff Scientist, Exploratorium

"Creating New Genres of Museum Exhibits with Scientific Visualizations"